About My Research

My current work is geared towards developing a philosophy of craft as distinct yet related to art theory. Using the work of thinkers like Arendt, Russel, Dormer, Sennett, and the methodologies of Heidegger, I am building up an object-centric materialist phenomenology to explore craft. Issues of selfhood, identity, cognition, and the socio-ethical impact of craft practice are of key interest at the moment. My background in woodworking and lutherie has been at the center of much of my research with each discipline providing rich insight into the unique ways that craftspeople approach their work and the underlying philosophical outlook driving such work.

I strive to not only make my writing accessible to readers, but also to focus on topics that can be applied to real life and perhaps improve our world.

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My Teaching Philosophy

Engaging students and cultivating healthy curiosity and skepticism is at the core of my teaching practice. My goal is to help students discover how nearly any subject, especially philosophy and the arts, can enrich their lives, foster critical thinking, and give them a deeper level of social comprehension.

My teaching methods are a mixture of student-led and traditional instruction with a highly personable and lighthearted style. I never assume that a student is not capable of comprehending deep or complex ideas. Lower expectations from instructors have been shown to result in lower levels of achievement and enjoyment from students. I believe that anyone can master any topic with enough guidance, practice, and patience.

I absolutely love what I do, and I make sure to show that to my students everyday.

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