Logic, Aesthetics, & OOO

"Ontography is an aesthetic set theory in which a particular configuration is celebrated merely on the basis of it's existence."  Ian Bogost, Alien Phenomenology (p.38)

Maybe Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) is the way to create a union between logic and aesthetics. Maybe speculative realism (with its innate unprovable nature) is the key to bringing my theories into a truly hybrid region of the two. The notion of celebrating something not for its use by humans or function within nature but for simply existing seems key. If I truly wish to establish a materialist OOO ground from which to develop an ethico-aesthetic and socio-political framework, then maybe the fullest appreciation of objects is the essential first step. This may be the way to defeat Kant's assertion that his aesthetic CJ need not be within the domain of logic.

The tricky thing is how to deal with material and immaterial objects. For now, I'm defaulting to the idea that all concepts are predated by a material or specific type of object interaction. This extends from earliest childhood with all a priori concepts being nothing more than forgotten/hidden a posteriori ones. Recent research on emotions and colors within human language support such a claim and may even coordinate with Gladwell's identification of the role of priming in human behavior.