What to do with a blog?


I'm a child of the internet in so many ways. I was lucky enough to be adopted by a family that gave me access to a computer in my own bedroom starting at around 12 years old, and this unfathomably lucky situation have me access to more information than most people in human history had ever dreamed of having. Granted, the internet in the late 1990s wasn't the efficient marvel that it is today, but I had access to countless websites offering crazy amounts of information. I believe that this was instrumental in my development, in good and bad ways. I feel a longing for greater social fluency when it comes to making friends and navigating social norms, but I also love that I have conversational fluency in everything from anthropology to quantum physics to world history and more. Still, blogging is something that eludes me at times.

Occasionally, I question to value in keeping a blog. I obviously have trouble keeping up a regular posting schedule and wonder if my motivations are the best one for pursuing this sort of side project. I always have an easier time conversing face-to-face. That's why I love teaching so much: I get to talk about the humanities face-to-face with real people and have an active exchange of ideas on a weekly basis. A blog, though? It seems sterile at times. Yes there can be the occasional comment exchange if one is lucky enough to find engaged readers, but even that has a sort of temporal artificiality that shields both parties from a fluid and natural connection.

Now, I'm not saying that the internet is incapable of fostering real connections. The would be an absurd and ignorant view beyond measure. Still, in academia we are often encouraged to keep one as a means of publicity and image building for future career movements. Why should I create a separate area from my teaching and friendships to do so? Doesn't this just remove the wonderful anxiety of facing your conversational partner(s) in a setting g where they can outright disagree and derail your train of thought? Aren't those moments of intense resistance where the most amazingly productive ideas and strategies are born?

As I sit on a plane bound for an NYC PhD residency with IDSVA (oh, the acronyms) I have decided that my blog will serve as nothing g more than a place for my students taking a d the occasional prospective employer/collaborator to get a small but of insight into my ideas. However, it will never be a substitution for live conversation in the flesh or over the airwaves where I have no control over the dialog. That may be the better way to phrase this, as a philosopher. Blogs are too monological in their design for me. The dialogical nature of real conversation is where we truly get to know each other and grow as human beings. So, enjoy this blog if you wish, and if you are ever intrigued by what you read, I hope you get in touch with me to really hash out some worthwhile ideas for us both. If not, then I wish you all the best and hope you find other meaningful connections to add fulfillment to your life.