Clarifying the Term "Craft" as a Research Focus


I have a problem where I hosted videos and articles to read. While trying to beat down my list of potential research material, I came across a video by Hypebeast about Vancouver Urban Timberworks.

Craft is more than "the crafts" or making things by hand or tradition. It's something based in a tacit code of ethics that seem to hinge on the idea of doing things well for the sake of doing them well. This may seem altruistic, and maybe even naïve, but I question whether that's a bad thing.

There's a dedication and sense of honor that comes from following this path of craftsmanship, and my goal as a scholar is to better understand this strange aspect of humanity and help others do the same both in a historic and living context. Doing so may enlighten people of the benefits to be gained and would hopefully lead to more stability, respect, and ethical grounding in contemporary society.