About My Work

My work concerns ideas connected with craft and skill and their value within society. I explore themes of monuments and artifacts made by or as the result of people. I find myself drawn to bones and skeletons in much of my work, referencing ideas of death in the context of corporeality and the impermanence of the human body as the final monument and or artifact of a person — a final relic. My ultimate goal and drive in making art is to create work that is easily accessible without sacrificing any depth of content.

I draw upon a background in woodworking and lutherie as an underpinning to my work. The scale of my work varies from instrumental to human sized objects. Materials I'm drawn to are the direct result of my making background and include hardwoods, metal, construction supplies and guitars. The heart of my work is in the craftsmanship and attention to detail underscoring the relationship in my work between craftsmanship, art, and the human condition.

Selected Works from My Portfolio